Me Myself & I


It’s been some days now I’m OFF 📵😶 Off the grid.  📈 Off of the radar. ☢ Stealth mode.🕵 Incognito. 🕵 What’s going on???  One of those “this too shall pass” […]


originally written &  saved in Gmail Notes last Monday (6/26/17 | 4:30PM) Dear B, I don’t know where to start or what to say. I don’t know if I have […]

Yassss!!!!  👏🤗 💯  Finally my own.. woot woot… 🔥 OMG.. my mind is going haywire. LOL 😄😅😂 What am I going to post? #nuninuninooo #krookroo Maybe nonsense stuff and the likes. […]