originally written &  saved in Gmail Notes last Monday (6/26/17 | 4:30PM)

Dear B,

I don’t know where to start or what to say. I don’t know if I have to tell you this. Being off offline, off the grid/radar, is a usual thing for us when we’re quiet for a day or 2. 🕵️

I’m guilty of disappearing without a word when I need to hibernate or just disconnect when the need arises. 😓😔

3 words and 1 question. This sums up why I put on my force build and went stealth mode. 🕵️

3 words = shock, grief, regret 😭😭😭
1 question = Why???

Sudden loss of something/someone leaves the person left behind broken and emotionally drained. It’s as if one’s soul wanders and vanished in the abyss.

When a person is taken for granted and that person is suddenly taken away, the person left behind feels so guilty and regretful.

If only the hands of time can be turned back. If only this and that. Tons of if only floods one’s thoughts.

Weak. Broken. Emotionally drained.

One wishes to get lost, run away, vanished in thin air.

I wanted to call you. Talk you. But you might only hear a sorrowful cry. An anguished emotion. It will be an unpleasant scenario. And you are definitely not worthy of this kind of fuss. 🤐


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