Soju Blueberry | 소주 블루 베리


Hello, there buddy 소주 (soju) we meet again. It’s been awhile since we last hang out. 😅

This is the first time that I drank soju blueberry. I’ve been used to drinking (chamisul) soju original which has the red cap or the soju fresh with the blue cap. Among the two, the original is a bit strong for me and latter is lighter that’s precisely why it’s labeled as fresh. Just a disclaimer: I am not an alcoholic. Okay? Okay! 💯

I was in the Korean section of the supermarket to buy the usual Korean stuff that I buy (kim and nongshim ramyeon) when soju blueberry made its presence, it’s like it saying “hey gurl, buy me. I know you haven’t tasted me. I’m sure you’ll gonna love me.” In that instance, I grab a bottle which is just 99 pesos, thinking of getting two but decided to just try it out. You know just for curiosity’s sake. LOL.

So there. I was excited. I have been craving for a little drink with buddy soju for some time and finally, we’re hanging. Upon opening it, you can smell the sweetness and it’s damn inviting for me to take the first shot but of course, mandatory is to take a photo. So there.

First shot, OMG.. so freaking good. Aahhh.. instantly I fell in love with it. 😍😘🤗

Did I finish the whole bottle? It’s for you to find out. LOL 😅😁