Sweet Disposition

It’s the first day of September. It’s a brand new month for a new disposition or an ongoing disposition. Whatever it is, if it makes you happy and your soul up in cloud nine. Nurture it. 😍

If it’s not going your way, just SHUSH it! Keep yourself from crying out loud Greenday’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends”. 😂🙊


Sweet disposition.. Never too soon
Oh, reckless abandon.. Like no one’s watching you..

So stay there.. Cause I’ll be coming over
And while our blood’s still young
It’s so young, it runs
And won’t stop til it’s over
Won’t stop to surrender

Urban Dictionary Says

1) Noun that refers to the combination of qualities that identifies a person one has strong affection with arising out of kinship or personal ties
2) Savior from the pain of emotions and bringer to feel the true capacity of the heart
3) A nickname for the one with absolute true but unpredictable love


“Changing your attitude, your outlook, your mindset, perspective, disposition, or mood—they all mean controlling where you allow your thoughts to linger.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes