Told You So

The four most beautiful words in our common language: I told you so.

German: Ich habe es dir gesagt

French: Je t’avais prévenu | Je vous avais prévenu!

Korean: 내가 그렇게 몇 번이고 이야기 했잖아!

Japanese: だからそう言ったでしょ

Spanish: te lo dije

Italian: te l’avevo detto

A popular saying which we often hear or get from people who repeatedly warn us of a possible problem or danger and yet we still do it anyway. (talk about being stubborn, hard headed, foolish)

Example: When parents give advice to their children not to do something as they know that the outcome will not be good. But it still happens despite their warning, we hear them say the dreaded words: I told you so!

When we keep doing something that hurts us. We still do it anyway because of a blinded belief to keep on holding on. #realitybites

Our gut feel or intuition tell us the same thing.