The One That Got Away

It’s 2:45pm on a humid thursday afternoon. Already preping myself to sleep when i remember today’s TMR Top 10 topic #DearTotga

It tickled my mind who could this person be?

Oh wait! TOTGA?! The One That Got Away….

Ain’t that Me? #nuninuninooo

Baka naman.. LOL #feelingera

So there.. Lets go back to Totga..

When i heard this… First person that popped up in my head.. (drumroll pls) YOU… Yes YOU.. Ikaw nga!!!

I dunno eh, but, datapwat ikaw talaga eh.. #Paano

Ayun instant flashback.. Shet.. Hurtness dude.. Shaket to the bones.. I thought wala na eh..I almost hangout with my buddy soju.. Yan tayo eh dinamay pati ang nanahimik na soju. LOL

Ugh…Totga.. (thotthere)

So my entry goes this way…

#DearTotga 👋👤🕕🙏🙈🙉🙊