Bubble Thoughts


After giving it some thought, here I am blogging about Kryptonite. 😉😀🙀 I was exchanging messages this morning to my dear B friend (B as in Bravo, Beastly or ummmhh.. okay […]


Hello There My Twisted Sunshine 🌞☀😎 Twisted!!! Big Word, yeah! Is this a normal thing? Well, it seems like. We’re all twisted in some way. When we’re feeling off or […]


It’s been some days now I’m OFF 📵😶 Off the grid.  📈 Off of the radar. ☢ Stealth mode.🕵 Incognito. 🕵 What’s going on???  One of those “this too shall pass” […]


The One That Got Away It’s 2:45pm on a humid thursday afternoon. Already preping myself to sleep when i remember today’s TMR Top 10 topic #DearTotga It tickled my mind […]

Unspoken feelings… [Krayzie Bone] And maybe we can meet up in the future one day But for now I’m bailing, bailing Bailing!, baby gotta get up, can’t take no more […]