I’m Not Who I Used To Be


Because I’ve been hurt. I’ve gone through a lot of shit which has made me who I am today. Over these past years, so many things have happened. Everything! As time passes, no one stays the same person.

People tell me that I’ve changed! Don’t you think I know that? Of course I’ve changed, I’m not going to stay the same person forever. PAIN DOES THAT TO PEOPLE.

No Longer Exists

I’m not the same soul I once was. A lot has changed. A lot had to change. So you shouldn’t expect out of me what I embodied in the past. For that part of me no longer exists.

I Am My Own Hero

Sometimes you have to be your own hero. Because sometimes, or most of the time, the PEOPLE you can’t live without, CAN LIVE WITHOUT YOU.

Just put on your invisible cape and mask to harness the power of unconditional responsibility within yourself.

Note to Self

When people treat you like they don’t care believe them. They Don’t!