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The Sting of an Insult Renders Us Wordless

Jokes and teasing can get a bit nasty at times. No matter how courageous outlook we put to the outer world. The sting of an insult renders us wordless. We become seriously affected, apparently having violated a real-life be-nice-be-friendly attitude to evoke such a reaction.

When the insult or harsh, offensive words come from a person we sincerely value the initial reaction normally is to confront the person. The rage in us builds up that it consumes us.

The Endless – WHY?

We also have this pretty weak minded and weak-hearted side. Instead of fighting back, we try to understand and put ourselves in their shoes. Endlessly asking questions to ourselves. WHY?


Even if it’s delivered in a teasing/jokingly manner, harsh offensive words are lethal. As the saying goes “Jokes are half-meant true.”

Jokes are Half-Meant True

Behind every joke, there’s a little bit of truth. How else would we come up with such a comment if we didn’t think about it? Consciously and unconsciously.


Despite the embedded hurt. I sincerely thank your honesty and for showing this side of you. Now I know how it feels when you straightforwardly tell people to stop bothering you, to get out of your life, to back off.

The timing was just uncalled-for. My frequent presence and absence are of the same level, BOTHERSOME. You don’t know have any idea what’s going on and what had happened during those days. I know you wouldn’t care less. Even if I’m still processing it. I am NOT angry or mad at you.

Like what I’ve said, “The messages were pretty harsh & intense. I am a complete ARSE who deserves to be treated as non-existent. Your honesty is appreciated (verbal & non-verbal).

Photos: CTTO